Tutor Resources

Helpful Websites for Tutors
http://www.citizenshipstudyguide.com  -  This website is completely free. It contains study pages, flashcards, questions and quizzes for United States citizenship preparation, in both English and Spanish.

https://proliteracy.org/Professional-Development/Education-Network - This website was formerly called Thinkfinity Literacy Network and is now called EdNet (short for ProLiteracy Educational Network). It is designed for people who work with adult literacy learners and is a free collection of online courses and other resources.

http://www.grammarcheck.net/infographics/ - This is a great grammar website that includes infographics, a grammar checker, and even a blog where you can read about many interesting topics relating to literacy.  You can use this website as a reference or even incorporate it into your lessons. 

https://wordcounter.net This website is a great place to help edit your essays.  It can help improve your word choice, your writing style, and detect grammar mistakes as well as plagiarism. All the while tracking the number of words and characters used.